Little Dimes Dance Party

This is our party for Pre-School-1st Grade. This party is packed with fun games, easy repetitive dance moves, and an all around good time.

DIME Dance Party

The DIME party is a wide range of dance types of your choosing. You can have a fun dance-a-long dance party or we can teach you and your guests awesome choreography. This is a great option for school events for students between Kindergarten-5th Grade. As well as personal parties for Kindergarten-High School. (ex. Block Parties, Graduation Parties etc.)

Adult Dance Party

Adult dance parties are full of energy and fun. We can give you a Zumba-like dance party, or challenge you with some choreography. This event is for 18+. (ex. Block Parties, Graduation Parties etc.)

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We do NOT host events on residential property (ex. house parties, back or front yard parties)

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